Pet Hair Everywhere!

If you have pets that shed you need to read this…

There’s nothing worse than being out in public and realizing that you have little white hairs all over your black pants. Or having someone over and being embarrassed as you watch them pick your cat’s fur off their clothes, even though they haven’t touched your pet.


While there’s no solution to getting your pet to stop shedding, there is something that you can do about the hair that collects on the floor, and gets into the air and tracked around by our feet when you walk around. I discovered this little gem about two years ago after we replaced our carpet with laminate flooring throughout.

The first thing I noticed about having laminate flooring was that it was much easier to see every hair that fell off our pets. The carpet we had lived with for so many years had done a good job hiding it. But being able to see the fur was a good thing, because we were able to know whether our vacuum was doing a good job getting rid of it.

Screen Shot 2018-04-30 at 1.09.12 PM

It turns out, it wasn’t. The vacuum we had blew more fur around and into hard to reach areas than it sucked it up. Sweeping wasn’t a good solution either. The broom collected the dirt easily enough but never got all of the fur. So the very first item we bought for our new laminate flooring was a Swiffer Sweeper Dry & Wet Cleaner.

The Good:

  • lightweight and easy to use
  • the wet mop pads that you can get for it work really well and they smell great
  • dirty pads are disposable
  • you can buy or make your own reusable cloth pads

The Bad

  • it uses more dry pads than what we wanted to buy or wash
  • the dry pads didn’t pick up as much pet fur as we we hoped they would

So while we liked the Swiffer, and we still own one, because we like it for mopping, we wanted something better for picking up all the animal fur that our pets left behind.

After a lot of research and Amazon reviews we found a product that we thought might work. It is a vacuum made by Bissell, specifically made for animal fur, and it is the strangest looking vacuum I have ever seen. Let me present to you, the Bissell PowerEdge Pet Hardwood Floor Bagless Stick Vacuum Cleaner:

Bissell PowerEdge Pet Hair Vacuum.png

Don’t let the long name or strange V-shape scare you. This lightweight little vacuum is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!! For starters, it is only 7 pounds. This thing is very lightweight and so easy to push. It has a canister and filter piece that are very easy to remove and clean. But the best thing about this little sucker (pardon the pun) is the vacuum head. It is shaped like a V and has wipers. Bigger dirt and debris is forced to the centre, and lighter dirt, like pet hair is sucked up along the whole length.

Shedding Pet Solutions
The Culprits

We have a dog and bunny. They both shed – A LOT. Inevitably, the fur always collects in hard to reach places, in corners and around the base of chair and table legs. The unique design of this vacuum lets you get right up close around those things without losing suction. It allows me to clean the floor in less time and without any stray hairs left behind.

We have been using this Bissel product, every day or two (sometimes multiple times a day) for over two years now and it still works like it did when it was new. The rubbery flaps along the edge are starting to show a bit of wear but we have not noticed any drop in performance. I have been so happy with this vacuum I have recommended it to everyone I know that has pets.

The Good:

  • lightweight
  • easy to clean & maintain
  • gets in hard to reach places
  • doesn’t leave stray hairs behind

The Bad

  • not meant for carpet

I have to give the Bissell PowerEdge two big thumbs up. This is by far one of the best products I have ever used. It will save you time and effort and get your floor cleaner. In the long run it will save money if your otherwise buying disposable sweeping pads. If you have hardwood floors, laminate floors or tile floors, you need this vacuum.

Bissel PowerEdge Pet Hair Vacuum




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