Hidden Objects, Hours of Fun!

In This Picture: Can you find all the hidden objects?
Hours of hidden picture fun for only $12.95 Keep the kids busy with this awesome indie book.

In This Picture is a hidden objects book for kids by indie author Elle Simms. What’s neat about this book is that it uses real photographs instead of the typical line and doodle drawings that prevalent in hidden picture books like Where’s Waldo or Highlights Magazine. The other thing I like about this book is that there are a LOT of objects waiting to be discovered. Some are obvious, and a 3 year old could find them, but others are hard enough to stump an adult. So with that being said, In This Picture is suitable for families and children of all ages.

Cute and Silly Pictures

The book contains 16 pictures with about 40 or more things to find for each picture. There are also 3 bonus images toward the back of the book that contain one object hidden to find, and are extra difficult. A lot of the pictures are cute and silly, such as hamsters wearing hats and moustaches, a teddy bear riding a pterodactyl, a lizard on a magic carpet. Most of the images feature animals, space aliens, dinosaurs, etc. One of the pictures is Christmas themed (Santa’s workshop). The list of objects for each picture is in words, however, I think that younger children, even if they cannot read on their own yet would still have fun finding the objects that are so well integrated into the pictures.

Long lists of hidden objects to find for each photograph.
Long lists of hidden objects to find for each photograph.

I think that the pictures in this book could keep a kid entertained for hours as it did my youngest. It would be a good book to keep in the car or have available for quiet times. And I think it would make an excellent gift for families with kids of different ages, or to give as a gift.

PURCHASE In This Picture Now

And for all you parents, like me, who love books like this, In This Picture has a sequel, which after reviewing, I think might even be better than the first book.

In This Picture 2: More hidden objects for you to find!
In This Picture 2: More hidden objects for you to find!

Get In This Picture 2: More hidden objects for you to find!

Elle Simms is a Canadian author and creator of children books, specifically educational/science readers level 1-2, activity books and hidden picture books for kids. She is best known for the In This Picture hidden objects books series.


More activity books by children’s author Elle Simms:

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Visit www.ellesimms.com for her full children’s book list and more.


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